Thank You From Our Partners

We are approaching the holiday season with grateful hearts this Thanksgiving. 2020 has been a year unlike any other for our team and community. These times of loss have strengthened our resolve to appreciate the little things in life and enjoy the precious time we have with loved ones.

We have been so thankful to have the support of our region which has given us the opportunity to celebrate 95 years in business. When our great grandfather, Ernest Milton (E.M.) Ford, started this business in 1925, I wonder if he ever dreamed that his great grandsons would one day lead it and that it would still be headquartered in downtown Owensboro? I’m confident that he never thought that some of the individuals he hired would work for his firm for over 40 years.

That is why today, we are counting our blessings to have a wonderful group of individuals that put our clients first and take great care of each other. We all need an extended family during circumstances like these and our team helps to lift each other up and provide support in times of need. We strive to do the same for our clients and community.

Thank you Owensboro for helping us to achieve 95 years. We continue to improve so we can celebrate 100 years as even better advisors to you, your families, and your businesses.

Our advice today? Love your family, friends and neighbors. Be safe and diligent as we near the end of this pandemic. And finally, be thankful for all the people around us that have helped us somewhere along the way. At EM Ford, there are many special individuals that fall in that category. We are thinking of you this holiday.


Happy Thanksgiving!

W. Clay H. Ford, Partner



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