Home For The Holidays: Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

The Christmas Countdown is on, and we’re only 22 days away from the big day. Although the holiday season may look a little different this year, there are still a few precautions we can all take to keep our homes safe this December. Enjoy your holiday and have peace of mind with these five quick tips.

Before you go "Clark Griswold" on your exterior and interior Christmas lights, definitely take a minute to inspect them. According to the US Fire Administration, December is the worst month for electrical fires. And if you’ve seen the Griswolds reveal their Christmas lights for the first time, you know why. Check lights for frayed cords and damaged bulbs, and use an outdoor timer so they aren’t on all the time (and saves you from personally turning them off every single night!)

Invest in a home security system—even if you’re Kevin McAllister. We all know what happens in Home Alone, and we’re confident the McAllisters definitely have a home security system now. The holidays are big season for break-ins, and security systems can prevent that. You’ll have peace of mind when you’re sleeping or when you’re away. Another benefit of home security systems: installing one could mean a lower rate on your homeowner’s insurance policy!

Inspect your furnace & chimney—for the safety of Santa and your family. Ensure your furnace is working properly and that your chimney is thoroughly cleaned before lighting up a toasty fire. While you’re at it, double check that all of your smoke detectors are fully functioning and working properly—go ahead and change batteries to new ones just to be prepared and on the safe side.

Tree placement is everything. For décor, yes. But also avoid placing your tree close to fire places and any sources of heat. According to the NFPA, 230 housefires occur each year from Christmas trees.

If you are traveling—have a plan. Another lesson from the McAllisters, who have taught us more than we thought, is to have a plan when you are traveling or not staying at your house for any amount of time. Set your interior lights on timers so that it looks like you are home, install that security system we talked about, and communicate your plans with a trusted neighbor so they can keep their eye on things and collect your mail.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

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