Do I Need Earthquake Insurance?

The third Thursday of each October is International ShakeOut Day, a day that raises awareness for earthquake preparedness and the largest earthquake drill in the world.

Although earthquakes don’t seem very likely in our area, Kentucky is one of the 16 states that have the highest risk for earthquakes, according to the USGS. And while earthquakes with a higher magnitude seem even more unlikely, the worst recorded earthquake in Kentucky’s history happened only 40 years ago in 1980 in Bath County with a 5.2 magnitude.

Sitting on the New Madrid Seismic Zone, the most active seismic zone in the central and eastern US, Kentuckians should always be prepared for the chance of an earthquake. International ShakeOut Day is a great day to practice earthquake drills as well as an earthquake game plan to ensure you are ready in the event of another earthquake in Kentucky – should you be considering earthquake insurance?

The short answer – yes, absolutely. Think of it like this: if you live in a flood zone, you’d buy flood insurance, and the same goes for earthquakes. If you live in a higher risk area for earthquakes, you should highly consider an earthquake insurance policy. Damage caused by an earthquake is not covered under a homeowner’s or renter’s policy, unless you request earthquake coverage to be added. In order to protect your home from damaged caused by an earthquake will require a separate endorsement (Or policy) that provides dwelling, personal property and loss of use.

Learn more about earthquake preparedness here.

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